Jackson County’s Food for Thought backpack coalition is beginning its fourth fundraiser to ensure children have food during the weekends.

Last year, the fundraiser brought in $23,000 in donations.

“All Scottsboro city and Jackson County schools have a program that provides food for hungry children when they are not in school,” said Mary K. Carlton, a member of Food for Thought. “Currently, about 900 children receive food through these programs.”

Carlton said beginning today through Aug. 2, Foodland stores in Scottsboro, Stevenson and Section will be asking for donations when customers check out.

“Last year, over $3,000 was donated from contributions at Foodland,” said Carlton. “Schools will receive funds based on number of children served.”

Carlton said the effort to raise money before school starts enables businesses and individuals to help all the children in Jackson County.

“Traditionally, we have collected funds on sites around the county on Friday of the tax free weekend,” said Carlton. “Because of the pandemic, we are not able to do that this year.”

On Tuesday, the Jackson County Farmers Federation donated $6,000 to the cause. Carlton said the donation is the largest in the four years of raising funds.

“Farmers are about feeding our citizens, and this will help feed our kids,” said Phillip Thompson, president of the Jackson County Farmer’s Federation.

Also, the coalition is offering different levels of sponsorship to donors including: Bronze (($500-$1000), Silver ($1,000-$1,500), Gold ($1,500-$2,000) and Platinum ($2,000 and up).

We thank you for your time and ask that you give every consideration to this cause. Make checks payable to: IMPACT Learning Center and designate it to Food for Thought. Mail to Jackson County Legislative Office, 100 E. Peachtree St., Scottsboro, AL 35768.

For further information regarding this program, Carlton at 256-566-9422 or the Jackson County Legislative Office at 256-218-3090.

“I know that many schools are anticipating a larger number of students who could benefit from the food,” said Carlton.

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