Hardee's Restaurant, on John T. Reid Parkway in Scottsboro, was lost to a fire late Thursday into early Friday morning.

A late night fire Thursday completely destroyed Hardee’s Restaurant, on John T. Reid Parkway, in Scottsboro.

Scottsboro Fire Deputy Chief Jon Lee said the fire department received the call at approximately 12:15 a.m. Friday.

“We arrived on the scene to find heavy smoke and fire conditions,” said Lee. “It was fully involved shortly after. Because of the extent of the fire, we were in defensive fire operations.”

Lee said three fire trucks and some off-duty firefighters were called to help fight the blaze. He added there were no injuries.

“The cause of the fire is still under investigation but does not appear to be intentional at the moment,” said Lee.

The Drain family, who owns a second Hardee’s in Scottsboro, on Broad Street, built the building in 1986.

Fire Chief Gene Necklaus said there was some minor damage to Castrol Premium Lube, next door to Hardee’s.

“The intense heat melted the siding and threatened more serious harm,” said Necklaus. Firefighters on scene were able to protect that exposure from significant damage until the primary fire was under control.”

Necklaus said his department hates to see anybody suffer a loss like this, particularly when it’s a locally-owned business that has local employees and who does so much for the community.

“It may be hard for the layperson to see it, but our firefighters made good decisions,” said Necklaus. “These type fires in these type buildings are very prone to rapid spread and collapse, and we saw it here. This is notorious for causing firefighter injury and worse around the country.”

Necklaus said the first arriving crews recognized these signs immediately, made a good risk/benefit analysis and likely saved injury to responders.

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