Amid allegations of illegal surveillance of a county employee, Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey tendered his resignation, effective immediately, Tuesday afternoon.

Guffey, who has served in the position since 2018 and has been on the Commission since 2012

originally ran for a place as a district representative saying that he wanted the commission to work together. Now, after serving for two years as the chairman, that same legislative body has united to accept his resignation during a special called meeting Tuesday.

Before being elected to the County Commission, Guffey ran a heating and air business in Jackson County and grew up on Sand Mountain.

Jason Venable, the commissioner for District 4, will serve as the acting chairman of the Jackson County Commission until Gov. Kay Ivey appoints Guffey's official replacement.

"I'm glad to serve the public in whatever way necessary," said Venable when asked about if he was interested in becoming the chairman of the commission. However, he also stated that it was not the position he ran for.

The commission signaled that Guffey would resign shortly after issuing a press release that discussed a camera placed in an employee's office.

The camera in question was removed from the employee’s office shortly after commissioners were made aware of its existence on Tuesday, Dec. 15. The commission did not comment on whether the camera and Guffey’s resignation are connected.

In a statement by the commission, cameras were initially installed in public and common areas of the courthouse as part of the Courthouse Security Plan. The commission stated that neither it nor the Courthouse Security Committee were aware of the camera's existence.

Commissioners have not commented on the legality of the camera's installation or the connection between the incident and Guffey's resignation.

An investigation into the camera is being conducted by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). Attempts to reach ALEA were unsuccessful at the time of publication.

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