Anthony Hicklen

Anthony Hicklen

Scottsboro High School Senior

A young man who is active in the high school band is this week’s outstanding youth.  Anthony Hicklen will be a senior this year at Scottsboro High School.

Anthony participates in both the SHS Wildcat Marching Band and the concert band.  He serves as a section leader.

This young man is an honor student.  Anthony has been recognized at the STAR (Students and Teachers for Academic Recognition) Program.

Math is Anthony’s favorite school subject. 

He says, “Two plus two is always four.  It doesn’t change.”

As he enters his senior year, this student already has his eyes set on his future.  Anthony plans to attend Jacksonville State University on a music scholarship.  He will major in architecture.

In addition to working hard at school keeping his grades up and participating in band, Anthony has a part-time job. He is a crew member at McDonald’s.

When this busy teen has free time he likes to play video games.  He also enjoys fishing.  This talented young man also plays three instruments.

 “I am proud of Anthony for being such a good role model in the classroom of mostly freshmen,” said Dr. Sylvia Coleman, a teacher at Scottsboro High School.

Anthony attends St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  He is active in the youth group there.

Anthony is the son of Nicole and Jared Dovers and has three siblings, Rainy Hicklen, Joah Dovers and Harper Dovers. 

His grandparents are Larry and Deb McBride, John and Stormy Dovers, and Darlene and Tony Swearengin.

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