Tolliver Wins

Nita Tolliver was elected to the Scottsboro City Council Tuesday night, defeating incumbent Patrick Stewart in the runoff. Pictured, front row: Kevin Tolliver. Back row, left to right: Tavaras Tolliver, Nita Tolliver, Zayden Willis, Jessica Willis and Ann Craft.

Nita Tolliver defeated incumbent Place 2 city council member, Patrick Stewart, by 209 votes. In the Oct. 6 election, Tolliver received 1,058 votes and Stewart received 849 votes.

The runoff election saw a total of 1,907 votes cast.

"I'm here to work for the citizens," said Tolliver. "I'm representing all the citizens of Scottsboro and I'm here with the utmost respect of the city. I want to move us forward. I want to move us into a position where we can all work together to be the city we can be."

Tolliver’s journey to the city council started three years ago, when she says that one day she turned to her husband and said, “I want to run.”

Since then, Tolliver has saved money so that her campaign could be entirely self-funded and take no donations from outside sources. She stated that the road to the election wasn’t always easy and was filled with ups and downs.

According to Tolliver, going into the runoff was the most difficult part of the election process — both physically and mentally.

“The last two weeks were the hardest,” she added, and stated that she felt she had to “dig deeper” and rely on her family, friends, and church community to pull through to the end of the election.

Tolliver said that throughout her campaign for City Council she was intent on personally knocking on every door in Scottsboro, and the doors that she couldn’t make it to she says her kids went to, even though she always tried to go back and talk to each voter in person.

Tolliver described herself as a runner saying that she wasn’t content in sitting by at any point during the campaign and believes that a last-minute push over the weekend and on Monday helped her win the election.

Because of this, the new city council member-elect said she asked herself what her goal was in running for city council during this final push, and why she was running.

“My goal is to reach out to people,” Tolliver said and described that this motivated her to knock on more doors Monday, instead of attending a council meeting, and talk to as many people as she could.

During Scottsboro’s municipal elections, initially held on Aug. 25 with the runoff held Oct. 6, all of the incumbent representatives up for election lost their seat — including two city council members and the mayor.

Stewart had served on the City Council for eight years and spent six years as the city council president.

“I appreciate everyone who came out and supported me — supported me over the last eight years,” said Stewart after hearing the election results on Tuesday.  “I love the city of Scottsboro and I look forward to see what our city leaders do.”

Stewart added that he feels there are a lot of positive things coming to Scottsboro and believes that Tolliver will be a great addition to the City Council.

“The people of Scottsboro spoke up tonight,” said Tolliver in regard to the election results. “They want change.”

Tolliver discussed a need to make Scottsboro a place that is welcoming to citizens and businesses alike, while discussing the need for increasing the city’s entertainment opportunities.

“Now the hard work is gonna start,” she said.

Tolliver mentioned that she wants to focus on improving Scottsboro’s roads and infrastructure and then transition to bringing in new businesses and entertainment into the city.

The results from the runoff will be officially approved during a City Council meeting on Oct. 13 at noon.

Tolliver will be sworn in with fellow new council member Ralph Dawe, who won the election for Place 1 on the city council, and Scottsboro’s new mayor, Jim McCamy, on Nov. 2, the day before the Nov. 3 general election.

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