The debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden earlier this week was entertainment TV at its finest. That is, if we were looking to be entertained.

Sadly, instead we cringed as I am sure Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan and others rolled over in their graves.

The highest political office in our country, maybe even the world, has become a laughingstock. Long gone is the respect. It’s not just now, it’s been going that way for years.

There is a few weeks left before the Nov. 3 election day. And I believe I speak for several when I say we are so over it. Does it really matter who wins?

The reality of life is “political” should be a bad word. Today, everything is political, and we are probably all to blame.

A deadly pandemic that has turned our world upside down. A virus that caused at least 200,000 deaths across our country. And it’s turned political. The best one is how the virus will magically be gone come Nov. 4, that is if Trump loses.

It’s sad our country has become about two sides, Republican or Democrat. It’s become hate. If you don’t agree with me, I hate you, you are wrong, you are complete idiot.

That’s where we are today. There is no working together. There is no for the betterment of our country. It’s all about power.

We can blame Trump all we want, and maybe he deserves much of it, but this power struggle was going on before he came along.

The saddest thing of all is the small cities and towns across the country. If you think for a minute, Trump or Biden, are worried about Jackson County, there are no words.

Come Tuesday in Scottsboro, there is an election, a spot on the city council. Patrick Stewart and Nita Tolliver, two good people, are seeking your vote.

Instead of focusing on what Trump or Biden will do next, focus local. Stewart or Tolliver can help you, care about you and will be there for you, long before Washington D.C. will be.

Vote Tuesday.

DeWayne Patterson is the editor and publisher of The Sentinel. He can be reached by email to 

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