Cindy Renee Miller, who plead guilty to murder in the death of April Gwathney Lemieux, 31 of Scottsboro in 2004, is up for parole March 3, according to Terry Abbott, director of communications of the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles.

According to reports, Miller fatally shot Lemeiux, whose body was found in an apartment in Scottsboro. Miller then took the victim’s vehicle and fled to a residence in Skyline. Police said Miller barricaded herself in the residence for about an hour before surrendering.

Miller plead guilty later and was sentenced to 30 years. She has served 15 years of that sentence.

Jackson County District Attorney Jason Pierce said he sent a letter opposing Miller’s parole. He also said he plans to attend the hearing, in Montgomery, to personally object.

“This was a cruel and unprovoked attack where Ms. Lemieuix was shot in the back trying to escape her attacker while in her own residence,” said Pierce.

Pierce said Miller deserves to spend every day of the sentence that she was given.

“If the stated purpose of continuing to grant early release to persons convicted of drug and property crimes is make sure there is room for violent offenders, Ms. Miller is one of the violent offenders that needs to say incarcerated,” added Pierce.

Miller is currently serving her time at a Birmingham Community Work Center. According to its website, the work center opened in 1973 to house female inmates who are given job opportunities in the community. It is classified as a minimum custody facility.

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