A day after a special called meeting that saw the Jackson County Commission accept Commission Chairman Tim Guffey's resignation, effective immediately, it was learned that Guffey submitted his resignation by mail to Gov. Kay Ivey on Dec. 18, tendering his resignation, effective April 11, 2021.

On Wednesday, the county commission released a statement saying "the Chairman alone is responsible for his resignation and the Commission has no control over that process or the date he chooses for it to become effective."

In a statement, also on Wednesday, Guffey said he was resigning due to health reasons.

Guffey said he wanted to clarify some of the information regarding cameras at the courthouse. He said following a shooting at the courthouse in the past year, the county commission started looking at the camera system in the courthouse and what areas were not covered.

"As Chairman, I directed new cameras to be installed inside and outside of the courthouse in an effort to enhance safety," said Guffey. "I did not consult the other commissioners on where to place the cameras."

Guffey said no cameras were ever intended for purposes other than observance of command areas.

"I am sorry about the confusion but only the well-being of our employees and citizens were my reasons for their placement," he said.

The county commission said Guffey is on administrative leave pending the effective date of his resignation and will not return to the courthouse or perform any functions as chairman pending his resignation date.

The issue regarding the cameras is currently under investigation by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

Guffey said he could not say more due to the ongoing investigation.

"I do trust that the commission will share information as they can to clear these concerns," said Guffey.

The commission said, as of Wednesday, they were not aware of any formal charges having been brought against Guffey, adding the investigation, however, is ongoing.

"I pray that the commission continues to work for the betterment of our county, and thank you for the opportunity to serve," said Guffey.

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