The Jackson County Sentinel has been working hard to keep the community informed since 1887. With more than 130 years of providing local news coverage to Jackson County, the Sentinel is continuing to provide a valuable resource to the county.

In addition to the upcoming E-Newsletter, the Sentinel will be partnering with WWIC AM1050 to host a weekly radio show. The show will air each Tuesday to discuss the headlines from each week. Guests will also be invited to attend.

One week we may be discussing issues facing the city of Scottsboro with the mayor, or we may be discussing concerns facing the Jackson County Commission with the chairman. We will also invite other school and community leaders, as well as event organizers to talk about what’s happening each week in our area.

The radio show will then be condensed down into a news brief and publish each Saturday, announcing our guest for the following week and how to access show archives.

The goal is to help keep you informed of issues and concerns facing our city and county. It is to keep you in the know when it comes to activities and events taking place in Jackson County through as many outlets as possible.

Sadly, not enough people are involved in following local issues and become easily frustrated when they find out after the fact. Our responsibility as a trusted, local news source is to provide you with as much content as possible to make you aware of these issues. By hosting a local radio show, we are able to boost that content to a broader audience.

We are also working with the city and county to create a monthly calendar of events. This will serve as a resource for those who are curious to what is happening in the community. Did you know there is a free concert tonight at Goose Pond Colony? The concert, beginning at 5:30 pm, is part of the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament, hosted by the city.

Next month there will be a Mock Rock concert at the VFW Fairgrounds. Two months later will be the Three Arts Club annual Art Sunday event and a month later the Scottsboro BBQ Cook-Off Festival. Other events are planned throughout the county in between and later into the winter. But where do you find all this information in one place? You can’t…not yet!

We make a strong effort to publish community events in our weekly calendar. Event organizers, city officials and county officials try to do the same through their own social media and web sites. However, we will soon have a comprehensive local activities and events calendar to help you find something to enjoy locally.

For those who missed the information on the E-Newsletter, stay tuned to the rollout of the newsletter in the coming weeks. You will be able to sign up for the top news, sports, opinions, obituaries and weather to be sent to you three days a week.

You need to be informed, and we plan to help you get there by providing as many resources as possible. The radio show, events calendar, website, e-newsletter and our social media sites are a few of those methods.

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