The Scottsboro Board of Education approved $1.5 million to replace the center section of the Junior High School's roof and lunch room roof.

The expenditure was approved during the Board's March 4 meeting and utilizes roughly half of a $3.2 million bond issued by the state. The funds are required to be used prior to 2022 and is allowed to be utilized for capital improvements to the district’s buildings.

The project is expected to begin shortly after the end of the school year and be completed before the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester so as to avoid interfering with student learning.

The Board of Education had previously discussed the measure to rebuild the Junior High School's roof during a work session on Feb. 5.

During that meeting, Ken Holder, the school district's director of maintenance, presented board members with the plan to rebuild the Junior High School.

Holder added that the work could be completed entirely during the summer and provide no interference with student’s education.

During the earlier meeting Holder informed the board that it would

Holder added that when he saw the roof that he was “surprised that they’re not pouring water.”

The new roof would come with a 20-year manufacture warranty.

During their meeting the board also approved the purchase of two new buses at the cost of $97,000 dollars each.

After a question from board member Dr. Gary Speers, Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes assured the school board that the school buses did have air conditioning — a roughly $14,000 extra cost according to the superintendent.

The board wanted to ensure that the busses would have air conditioning for use during summer months.

"Any busses from here on out, will be bought with air conditioning," ensured Reyes.

The board also approved the option to purchase a third bus by the system contingent on availability of funds.

Reyes also updated the board of education on vaccine progress for teachers.

During the meeting he stated that the school system is working with Highlands Hospital to provide vaccines for any teacher who is interested — adding that roughly half of teachers have expressed interest in receiving it.

Everyone who is wanting to get a shot, we've been getting them those opportunities or at least getting them the information," stated Reyes who added that adoption of the vaccine has been, "a half and half proposition, half want it and half don't and that's been holding true."

The superintendent noted that currently there have been "numerous" teachers already vaccinated, and some have received their second dose of the vaccine.

Currently, the school system has only a single positive case of COVID-19.

The board of education will hold its next work session on March 18 and the next meeting will be on April 8. Both meetings will be at 5 p.m. in the Page Administration Building.

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