A New Jersey man died Monday after he was struck by an oncoming vehicle on Highway 72 in Scottsboro.

Capt. Erik Dohring, of the Scottsboro Police Department, said the accident happened at 3 p.m. Albert Sarpong, 47 of South Amboy, New Jersey, pulled his semi-truck over on Highway 72 because of apparent engine troubles. Witnesses said when he pulled his radiator cap off, something exploded and knocked the man into oncoming traffic.

The man was struck by a vehicle when he fell into oncoming traffic. Dohring said it was unclear whether or not there was an explosion, but he said there was radiator fluid on the windshield of the truck.

The man was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital, where he later died from his injuries. Scottsboro Police is still investigating the incident.  

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