Scottsboro and Jackson County is a changing and growing community.

In recent years, a handful of major industrial developments have occurred. These developments, we hope, will also bring ancillary businesses alongside them.

With a growing marketplace comes a growing population. Such growth brings its own set of issues to examine. These issues include education, housing, infrastructure, long-term planning and more.

Several candidates are vying for your vote in this week’s primary. The fact that so many people have an interest in public service is promising.

Voters in Jackson County will have options in several local and state races Tuesday morning when polls open at 7 a.m.  Every vote is important. They’ll be as ever important Tuesday as any other year, especially in a contest that doesn’t include a presidential race.

Though there are more than 37,000 registered votes in Jackson County, history indicates that less than 8,000 will turn out to vote.

In a report published Saturday, statistical data shows local primary turnout in non-presidential election years as hovering below 8,000 votes – just better than 20 percent engagement.

By any standard, that is an abysmal turnout.

Of the 37,185 individuals registered to vote in Jackson County, we are sure that more than 8,000 of them care deeply about local tax rates, potholes and road repair, school safety and resource officers, and a multitude of other issues.

More often than not, federal–and even some state–legislators punt the ball back and say many if not all issues are local issues and require local decisions. That being the case, more than 8,000 people need to provide their input at the polling booth today.

Hopefully it’ll be more along the lines of 37,000.

The Sentinel encourages every registered voter to visit the polls on Election Day.

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