EPCOT’s team

EPCOT’s team earned silver in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies category at the State SkillsUSA Conference.  Team members are Karly Lundy, David Gray, Tianna Kay, Madelyn Griffith, and Kindall Bell from Pisgah High School, and Carlee Collins and Cooper Jones from Skyline High School.

Jackson County was well represented by the EPCOT (Earnest Pruett Center of Technology) students who competed at the Annual SkillsUSA State Conference. EPCOT students won 10 gold medals, eight silver medals, and six bronze medals and two were elected state officers.  EPCOT was recognized as the school with the highest conference registration.

  Students competing at the state level had already competed in district and local event to be selected to attend the state conference.  Each state competition gold medalist will advance to the SkillsUSA National Conference in Atlanta this summer.

  “The programs and competitions our students participate in are innovative, relevant, and rigorous,” stated Drew McNutt, career tech director at EPCOT.  “Many of these students are academically ranked top in their class.  Most have earned industry credentials and are taking dual enrollments courses in CTE and academics.  The accomplishments of these students are definitely resume builders that any college, industry, or employee will recognize as an advantage.  Their future is bright because they demonstrate what industry expects from educational workforce development.”

  Chris Campbell of North Sand Mountain High School and Bodie Wells of Woodville High School were elected as state officers.  They were elected by their peers at the conference which is attended by SkillsUSA members from across the state.

  Automated Manufacturing Technology

  Gold – Team A – Daniel Olinger and Madison Short, Skyline High School, and Jayden Johnson, North Jackson High School

  CNC Technician

  Gold – Tyler Miller, Skyline High School

  Bronze – Zak Middlebrooks, Skyline High School

  Automotive Refinishing Technology

  Gold – Katelyn Lands, Section High School

  Silver – Jathan Mays, Pisgah High School

  Industrial Motor Control

  Silver – Trent Hayes, North Jackson High School

  Bronze – James Rhoads, North Jackson High School

  CNC Turning Specialist

  Gold – Eli Parker, Skyline High School

  Bronze – Sarah Short, Skyline High School

  Health Occupations Professional Portfolio

  Gold – Brilyn Davidson, North Sand Mountain High School

  Silver – NaShaina Hartline, North Sand Mountain High School

  CNC Milling Specialist

  Gold – Connor Knight, Skyline High School

  Class Project Display

  Gold – Team A – Savannah Jackson, Brelynn Chisenall, Brinley Chisenall, Pisgah High School

  Job Skill Demonstration A

  Gold – Alison Thompson, Skyline High School

  Medical Terminology

  Silver – Rebekah Anderson, Skyline High School

  CNC 5 Axis Milling

  Gold – Isaac Avans, Skyline High School


  Gold – Ross Thompson, Woodville High School

  Silver – David Rhoades, North Jackson High School

  Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  Silver – Karly Lundy, David Gray, Tianna Kay, Madelyn Griffith, and Kindall Bell, Pisgah High School, Carlee Collins and Cooper Jones, Skyline High School

  Basic Health Care Skills

  Bronze – Skye Giles, North Sand Mountain

  Career Pathway Showcase

  Bronze - Madison Congo and Gracie Putman, Skyline High School, and Katelynn Bailey, North Sand Mountain High School

  Power Equipment Technology

  Silver – Kevin Guffey, North Sand Mountain

  Welding Fabrication (Team of Three)

  Silver – Brayden Arnold, Skyline, and Cayden Chisenall and Carter Pike, Pisgah High School

  Medical Math

  Bronze – Olivia Parker, Woodville High School

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