The time has arrived to pick a senior quote for the yearbook. A senior quote is something that everyone has an opinion on how to do it. Truthfully, a senior quote isn’t very important, but it is a way for students to make a permanent mark on their high school even if it only consists of a few words.

Senior quotes reveal traits about students that might remain hidden. Some quotes are humorous. Some are serious. Some are original and some are traditional. On any page of the yearbook, you can find a Bible verse, line of poetry and a joke.

One of my big pet peeves about senior quotes is when people use super common ones. Do your research people! It’s worse than two people wearing the same dress to the prom. At least that is not permanent.

However, I do understand how difficult it can be to choose a quote. I have a folder on my phone filled with quotes. At one point, it had about twenty options in it. If I could pick five quotes then that would make my decision much easier. But alas, this is not the case. How do you summarize four years into a few words?

I finally picked a quote. Honestly, I am not sure how exactly I picked one or if I will regret it later. This quote just seemed like the right one for me. Maybe it’s an emotional thing? A possible ‘gut reaction.’

It’s possible that it’s not a science but closer to an art. I like evidence. I need evidence. But not everything in life has evidence. Religion doesn’t and senior quotes might not either.

 I’m glad that I trusted my intuition in this case. If I tried to pick the best quote based on a system that I convinced myself that it would have given me the best option, I would have gone insane. I am envious of people who can make a decision quickly. To not overthink a problem and simply solve it would be wonderful. Intuition must come with age and experience. I have deduced that.

The concept of senior quotes is almost laughable but I am glad that our yearbook has them. It’s a very small chance that you get to use to express your thoughts about high school.

Even the small chances in life to speak should be acknowledged and used. I cannot wait to see how my peers will use their voice.

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