As we weather the storm that is the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are now experiencing a new normal.

Being confined to our homes, unless an outside trip is necessary, has us all infected with cabin fever. Even the weather has been working against us with all the rain.

The necessary trips to the grocery store are becoming a frustrating experience.

I spent two days trying to find butter and ricotta cheese.  Perhaps I missed something.  Did someone post on Facebook that a virus preventing cream could be made using these items?

Days are spent following the growing number of confirmed cases and rising number of deaths.

 And everyone is talking and talking and talking. We all know the old saying, ‘if you can’t help, don’t hinder’.  Well, anyone from the south does.

 There are a few who need to ‘put a sock in it’.  I’m like Santa now and making a list.

So, let’s just start at the top.  Yes, I’m referring to Mr. Trump.

Before some of you get all fired up, take a moment and admit to yourself that some of the things he has said caused an eye-roll or neck snap.  Even the best of families has political differences.

Here’s the analogy.  We all have that distantly related uncle or cousin who receives an obligatory invitation to family events.  You know, the one who has no filter and spouts off things that make no sense.

After the World Health Organization declared the virus a public health emergency, he barred most foreigners who had recently visited China from visiting.  This was a great first move.  But his actions since then are all over the place.

From the beginning, he refused to acknowledge the size of the threat of the virus.  In January, when the first case was announced, he said he was not worried about a pandemic and the United States had it under control.  He now says he believed early on we were headed for a pandemic.  Say what?

In February, he told Sean Hannity we had shut the numbers down and the numbers would get better in April when it is warmer because things always get better in the spring.

During a visit to the CDC, Trump talked about his uncle who taught at MIT calling him a ‘great super genius’. Then went on to say that’s why he has a natural ability to understand the science of COVID-19 testing.

He held an oval office address that was intended to convey the seriousness of the situation.  Instead, the following day, aides had to issue corrections to three different statements he made.

During a call with states’ governors, Trump advised them the federal government was there to be their backup.  The governor of Washington reportedly said, “we don’t need backup, we need Tom Brady.”

 Trump said the report was fake news, even though the governor admitted he made the statement, and then talked about how spoke with Tom Brady recently and what a great guy he was.  Now, that’s an eye-rolling moment.

On Sunday, he compared the ratings for his COVID-19 task force news briefings to the Bachelor finale numbers.  OMG.  Surely, he knows people are tuning in because he is President of the United States, whether they like him or not.  Maybe, maybe not.

 Are you getting the uncle picture yet?

He is not the only one virus-talking that fits the criteria.

The Lt. governor of Texas says grandparents should be willing to die to save the economy for their grandchildren by re-opening businesses.  I love my grandson, but this is a huge leap.

One GOP senator says China is to blame for the coronavirus because it is where “people eat lots of bats, snakes and dogs.”  I wasn’t aware the virus was diet related.

An Alaska representative said people should go on with their daily activities and forget about “the beer virus.”  Some spring breakers took his advice and came back infected.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. suggested the North Koreans colluded with China to spread the coronavirus inside the United States.  He said he got this important information from a local restaurant owner. Unless the owner works for an American intelligence agency, this theory sounds half-baked.

Vice-President Mike Pence said last week there has been some irresponsible rhetoric about the coronavirus.  Thank you, Mr. Vice-President, for that acknowledgement.

Americans are full of anxiety right now and correct information is critical. 

Alabama’s governor has done an excellent job conveying what she expects from us.   We should continue to follow guidelines set by our state and local officials.  Because they are right here in the fight with us, it’s a smart choice.

The rest is just noise, so try to shut it out.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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