The year is quickly passing us by. We are now at just under seven weeks of school left. I wanted to take this time to give you a couple of updates on our remaining calendar and to bring a few things as we close the year to your mind.

First, I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support to the changes that were instituted with consolidation. It was not easy on any of us, but I believe it was the right thing to do. We have witnessed so many positive things for our elementary students that include new friends and new opportunities in the Arts, Band, Drama, Music, and Computer Applications.

We look to continue those things and hopefully add more in the coming year(s). Teachers from the previous school structure have now come together with each grade level at the same building and we have seen such sharing of instructional methods and strategies like we have never seen. We are seeing savings that are going to allow us to do more things at each school with the addition of future capital improvements, new textbooks, new technology, etc. Again, I cannot say thank you enough to our parents and community for the support you have given the Scottsboro City School System this year.

Second, there are numerous activities, awards days, performances, etc. at each school over the next seven weeks.

Please make sure that you are checking with your school website, Facebook, etc. to make sure you are aware of these events. The school will be sending home information the old fashion way as well. I just want to see as many parents and family at our events as possible in order to make these days as special as possible for our students. Remember, our children are only with us for a short while.

In terms of the calendar, we still have a Weather Day on April 19th that was originally scheduled. We did take two Weather Days this year but both were declared a State of Emergency by the Governor and do not have to be made up. Thus, we will keep the Weather Day on April 19 as an off day for students and faculty.

After much discussion that included contact with the Uniserv Director for our area, Mrs. Sheila Cornelison, the number of hours in our school year meets and exceeds what we are required to do. With that said, two days in the school year could be omitted and still meet the hourly equivalent.

As you recall, we took a day for flu related issues in February (15th) as we had over 300 students system-wide absent daily over a period of a few days. I decided to use that Friday with a scheduled Monday holiday (18th) in order to give a four-day weekend to help our students and teachers get well. That Friday is one of the two days for release. With one day left for release, I wanted to designate a day that seemed to make the most common sense. This day will be Friday, April 26.

The reason I choose this day and why it makes the most sense for the appropriate operation of schools is that on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, SHS is hosting the Sectional Track Meet at the Collins campus. There will be over 50 teams present all day on that Friday and Saturday. We will be welcoming a few thousand people onto the Collins campus on those days. This would cause major issues on many levels and again just makes the most sense in choosing an additional day.

Please mark the dates, April the 19 and April the 26 as off days for our students.

I am still just as excited to be your Superintendent as I was my first day on the job. It has been my privilege to serve the students, faculty, and community. As always, it is a great day to be a Wildcat and I believe our best days are still ahead of us.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Jay Reyes

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