During Monday’s city council meeting, Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy weighed in on a rumor that’s been circulating the city.

The rumor, posted on Facebook, alleged that 400-500 illegal immigrants were being moved into the Apple Green Trailer Park. McCamy insisted that instead of moving illegal immigrants to the area, they will actually be adding housing for both purchase and rent along with significant upgrades to the community.

“I went out there Friday and talked to the manager and I asked for some specific information. They’re replacing all the utilities. They are actually buying brand new mobile homes,” said McCamy. “Some of the points that I had asked that she make to verify, they had a licensed engineer re-plot the community and design a new sewer system that will connect to the city system. The community will be comprised of approximately 320 lots. They’re trying to upgrade Apple Green Trailer Park.”

The improvements being made to the community include removing some of the condemned homes around the area, installing 260 homes within the next five to six years with 25-50 mobile homes being installed per phase. Background checks on all prospective tenants including criminal background, proper identification and proof of income will be required. A three-bedroom, two bath mobile home would rent for $799 per month.

“You try to rent an apartment in town, you realize how bad we’re needing housing and they’re capitalizing on it and I think they can make a lot of money out there, actually,” said City Council President Richard Bailey.

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Just Curious

Thanks for the clarification on this subject because rumors have been rampant.

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