Dear Editor:

I have been watching the craziness on both sides of the argument for two weeks now and decided it is time for me to put in my two cents worth.

First off, I am a veteran of the US Navy and former Deputy Sheriff, and I am a life member of the NRA. I am tired of our citizens being killed helpless every day because some folks think we live in the perfect world that we all wish we did.

We see people shot down with no means of defending themselves because of the free-fire, excuse me, no gun zones. It would be great if we did not need to defend ourselves with guns, but until evil has been eradicated from this earth we will need guns to protect the innocent and defenseless.

People don't want to arm the teachers because they are not trained to handle the type situations like school shootings. They want trained professionals

Well, let's see how that has worked out.

In one school the SRO, a "trained professional" was at one end of the school getting students out of the school while at the other end of the school the shooter was doing his work unhindered.

One teacher put her kids in the closet and bathroom and sat at her desk until the shooter shoved open the door and asked where her kids were. She told him they were already gone and then he shot this brave UNARMED teacher down and went about his bloody business.

She died, but her kids lived because of her selfless act. If only she had one of those evil guns.

They want professionals like the ones who stood outside the night club in Florida while the news people filmed and recorded shot after shot coming out of the gun free night club. Why didn't the professionals go in and stop the shooting as soon as they got on the scene?

     I could name several others where guns in the victims' hands could have protected at least some of them but I will only go to the one that makes me the most angry, the latest Florida shooting.

If the FBI and the sheriff had done their job this nut would never have been able to buy a gun. If they had reported him and put him on the mentally unstable list he would have been unable to buy the gun.

But even when the law got there and the SRO that was supposed to be on the job, to my  understanding, hid behind their cars, four of them, while three hero UNARMED teachers used their bodies to absorb bullet after bullet meant for their students. They earned their Angel wings and the title of HERO while the professionals embodied the meaning of COWARDS!

I would much rather trust my grandkids and great-grandkids to the teachers that teach them, care for them and love them every day than trust them to some rent a cop that won't care enough about the kids to get in the building and stop the shooter. In my book it has been shown the professionals can't or won't do their job.

I believe in this strongly enough that even though I live on SS retirement I will pay for one teacher's gun and training.

Does anyone agree with me or am I the crazy one?

—John T. Smith (2-shot)

Scottsboro, Alabama

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