The NACC Department of Music, along with the NACC Foundation, have announced the upcoming release of the Mustang String Band’s self-titled, debut album.

“We are extremely proud of our students and music director Stacy Morris for putting this CD together,” said NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “It’s a great CD and displays some outstanding musical talent. Now having a recording studio on campus will permit us to do even more of these productions.”

“It’s a big deal,” added Morris, speaking of the upcoming album. “The band, which is comprised of students, really stepped up and had a hand in every aspect of producing this album, from the writing and arranging to the performing and production.”

Mustang String Band students were also given the experience of shooting a music video for the debut album. The music video for “Ember,” a track from the album, can be viewed on the college’s YouTube channel.

The CD was recorded and mixed in NACC’s “Studio 108,” located inside the William Beck Health and Fine Arts Building on the NACC campus. Morris converted the music computer lab on campus into a recording studio. He now teaches a recording techniques class along with a music computer class in the room.

Production of the CD was funded by the NACC Foundation.

“The foundation is happy to be involved and fund this CD, as the music department has been performing at our Holiday Gala for years,” said Development Director Heather Rice. “They add an extra touch to the event each year with such talented students.”

Proceeds from the album will go towards scholarships for NACC music students. Contact Rice at and Rachael Graham at, or by phone at 256-638-4418, ext. 2391 to purchase a CD.

The Mustang String Band album will also be available for streaming and download on all major commercial platforms, including Apple, Amazon, Spotify and CD Baby.

“Not only is the album a great promotional and recruiting opportunity for NACC, but it is also a great ‘feather in the cap’ for the students in the band to augment their musical careers, and a great learning experience as well,” said Morris. “This is the first of many recording projects to feature various ensembles and members of faculty and staff to come.”

Mustang String Band members are Tucker Cook, Wyatt Hall, Pierson Smith, Carter Pridmore and Jonah Drake.

“The students were heavily involved in the writing, arranging and recording process,” said Morris. “Every student has at least one writing credit on the album.”

The Mustang String Band will celebrate its debut album by performing songs from the album as well as other musical surprises at their album release concert, Thursday, July 29, at 6:30 p.m., in the Tom Bevill Lyceum at NACC. The concert is free and open to the public. Concert goers may also purchase a CD at the show for $10.

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