The North Alabama Electric Cooperative (NAEC) is partnering with Jackson County Schools to provide Wi-Fi hotspot at several schools in its service area.  

The Wi-Fi is accessible from the schools’ parking lots. The hotspots are at North Jackson (fieldhouse parking lot), Skyline High School, Woodville High School, Bridgeport Middle School, Stevenson Middle School, Hollywood School and the former Paint Rock Valley School campus.

NAEC Assistant Manager William Selby said providing Wi-Fi hotspots at the schools did not require a second thought and it was the “right thing to do.”

“Our biggest assets are our youth, and they have been put in a bad situation,” said Selby. “Not everyone has access to good, high-speed internet, and this gives those kids a way to continue their studies and finish school without having to worry about when, where and how.”

Selby said once NAEC got the thumbs up from the Jackson County Board of Education to work of this project, they spent a great deal of time, and their employees worked long hours to have the hotspots ready to go by the official start of classes, which was Monday. Selby said this would alleviate a problem for students, and he was glad they got started on it when they did.

“This is why we built the fiber network,” said NAEC General Manager Bruce Purdy. “To help the communities and members we serve.”

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kevin Dukes said it was “awesome” that NAEC is providing Wi-Fi at the schools and looking out for students in the county.

“It gives our students who may not have internet a better opportunity to learn and complete their schoolwork,” said Dukes. “We are very appreciative of North Alabama Electric and their partnership with us during this time.”

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