Morris Necklaus is closing Recycling for Scottsboro after 14 years.

Looking back, Morris Necklaus said he should have never gotten in the recycling business.

“I’m just throwing money away,” said Necklaus.

Necklaus said he is in the process of closing Recycling for Scottsboro.

“It’s a difficult decision because I have devoted so much time to this,” he said.

In the end, though, he said losing money was the final straw.

“Out of 14 years, we’ve been profitable maybe three or four years,” said Necklaus.

In 2019, Necklaus said he lost $11,000. Through February, he said the business was already down $4,400.

“The market prices are horrible,” he said.

For Necklaus, it’s almost been a battle from the start. He opened his business in June 2006 after a heated debate by the then-Scottsboro City Council. A 3-2 vote allowed Necklaus to start, where he rented the city’s old baler building for $1 per year.

“I told them from the start if I didn’t get 30 tons of recyclables per month they could pull my lease anytime,” said Necklaus.

Once he started, though, Necklaus said the city began aggressively pursuing recycling.

“I was in the schools with good programs,” said Necklaus. “I get a call to remove bins from the schools because the city is going to do that.”

As time went on, Necklaus’ relationship with the city improved. He said his closing has nothing to do with the city.

“There’s no animosity with the city,” he said.

Necklaus said he has given the county a 90-day written notice. He said he is also removing containers and drop off sites.

“We’ve pulled the drop off sites at Trinity Lutheran Church and Lakeside Grocery,” said Necklaus. “We will leave the one behind the police department and service it daily.”

Necklaus said he expects to be finished by June 10.

“A lot of it depends on the county,” he said.

Necklaus, who works for TVA, said he will continue doing that. He also plans to travel some and spend more time with his grandchildren.

“I’ve enjoyed doing this,” he said. “The physical work has kept me younger.”

Necklaus made his announcement on his Facebook page earlier this week. He received almost 100 comments expressing sadness.

“It is sad,” he added.

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