Scottsboro is certainly a special place. Many of us, myself included, sometimes forget or overlook what we have all around us. The mountains, lake, streams, forests, sunsets and rolling fields are certainly something to be appreciated.

Earlier in the week I was visiting with some friends, enjoying an afternoon on the lake. One topic of discussion was how and when they came to Scottsboro. They were thinking of only living here a few years for work and then moving on to another part of the country. However, more than 40 years later, they are still living in Scottsboro.

Two weeks earlier, I welcomed the family of a current Scottsboro High exchange student from The Netherlands. They were in awe of the beautiful landscapes as they dropped off Sand Mountain into the valley.

Many years ago, while attending Speech at Northeast Alabama Community College, the instructor had asked the class if anyone realized what was around them as they drove to college every day.

She asked if we had seen the world that was outside the car or if we only focused on leaving home and getting to class on time. I spoke up and said I nearly run off the side of the mountain each morning I drive to class. I found it difficult to absorb the view overlooking Scottsboro.

I have traveled through nearly all 50 states and visited more than 17 countries. In all of my travels, I have never quite found a place as comforting as Scottsboro. Granted, there are thousands and thousands of amazing sites to see in this world. But perhaps I’m partial to Jackson County.

Yesterday I was talking with a future exchange student arriving this fall. I sent him photos of our afternoon on the lake earlier this week. He asked if we were on vacation. I told him no, but from Spring through Fall, every day could be a holiday in Scottsboro.

We have a great little secret here in Scottsboro and Jackson County. There are more things to do than we may realize. Recreationally, Jackson County should be a top destination for those who want to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

This coming week subscribers will see a copy of the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce magazine inserted into the Jackson County Sentinel. This magazine will not only feature commercial and industrial efforts in Jackson County, but it will also highlight several recreational opportunities.

We should all be proud of where we live. We should all be thankful for the abundant amenities that surround us. I love the opportunity to take visitors and newcomers around Jackson County. From grabbing the best-ever burger, to enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the water, or hiking to an awe-inspiring cave, Scottsboro and Jackson County have it all.

Take some time this weekend to sit back and enjoy the day. I’ll likely spend mine at a track meet, cheering on my kid and working on a much-needed tan. Regardless of your plans, let’s all take a moment to look around us and we’ll quickly realize Jackson County is someplace special.

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