During Thursday night’s Scottsboro City Schools’ Board of Education meeting, the board voted unanimously to bring back Brad Dudley as the Scottsboro High School (SHS) principal.

Rob Paradise, the former principal, was named as the new Guntersville Middle School principal on Monday.

“We’re excited for Mr. Dudley’s return, I know he’s looking forward to this, I’m certainly looking forward to working with [Dudley] again. I think it’ll be great,” Interim Superintendent Amy Childress said.

Dudley served as principal for SHS from 2015-2018 before taking a job at Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC).

 “The K12 sector as a whole is something that I just kind of feel like now, looking at it at this moment in time, this is where I’m supposed to be. The avenue to work in a college sector and doing that was extremely beneficial to me but I didn’t have the opportunity in that role to really serve students,” Dudley said on a radio interview with WWIC. “The K12 experience to me is student centered. It’s what we do. We’re not there without the students. So that was absolutely what piqued my interest. Could I have done this in other places was a question that I tried to answer. I’m not sure I could be the principal somewhere else, but I know I can here. For me, the stars aligned, and I was grateful for the opportunity.”

With the SHS school year kicking off Aug. 9, Dudley hopes to come in and get everyone on the same page.

“My ultimate goal is to get everybody in that building on the same page,” said Dudley. “The sky is the limit. No matter what we decide to do, if we’re all breathing the same air and we’re walking the same direction, we’re going to be OK at the end of the day. There’s no room for division, there’s no room for other motivation, there’s no room for divisiveness, there’s no room for uncertainty. There needs to be clear eyes and a clear focus. That’s going to start Monday.”

Dudley has over 21 years in the Scottsboro City School System. During his first tenure as high school principal, Dudley led the school to an average graduation rate of 92 percent and to an average college and career readiness rate of 91 percent. He started the first SHS Alumni Association and led SHS to a five period day after 21 years on a four-block system.

During his career, Dudley has served as a middle school teacher, head boys basketball coach, assistant principal, athletic director and principal.

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