The Scottsboro City School System will be taking applications from new out of district students within the next few weeks.  For families living outside the city limits who want their children to attend any of the city schools, parents will have to pay a fee and complete an application by the deadline. More information about that will be forthcoming probably within the next few days.

For those out of district students currently enrolled in the city system, they simply need to pay the tuition for the upcoming year by the deadline.  Those students will remain in the system.

Scottsboro Schools Superintendent Dr. Jose Reyes said that the tuition remains at $400 for the first child and $200 for each additional child.  There will be no increase in tuition for the upcoming year. Last year the tuition was increased for the first time in some 25 years.

“Each spring we begin to get calls from parents about enrolling their children in our schools,” said Reyes.  “People are seeing the quality of educational opportunities at both the elementary and secondary level which is comparable to some of the larger school systems.” “It is very humbling when we get a call from a parent wanting to enroll their children.  I hope that means we are doing things right.”

Those parents who plan to enroll their out of district students for the next school year should act quickly.  The spots fill up fast, and the schools can only accept a limited number at each grade level.

In addition to the academic standards at the elementary level, there are opportunities for children to participate in art, music programs including the band at Collins Intermediate School, and computer application.  There is more opportunity for a well-rounded academic experience.

Reyes said that for the first time in many years, the Scottsboro schools are seeing an increase in enrollment.

 “I see this as a very positive thing,” stated Reyes.  “I think the consolation at the elementary level and the expansion of opportunities for our students played a role in this.”  This reverses a downward trend in enrollment which the city system and most school systems have been experiencing in recent years.

The superintendent praised the teachers in the city schools. 

“Our teachers are serious about the education of the children and care deeply about their students.”

On the annual report card released by the Alabama State Department of Education, the Scottsboro School System ranked 27 out of the 138 systems in the state. 

“This is something the community should be extremely proud of,” said Reyes.

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