Beginning Monday, July 12, WWIC Radio and associated partners will be conducting a community/public service project to help area teachers with school supplies for the upcoming school year.

WWIC Radio owner Greg Bell said “Rally for Teachers – Supplies for School” will involve providing $200 to teachers for the purchase of supplies/necessities for their classrooms. Each week over a six-week period, a teacher from the Scottsboro City Schools System and a teacher from the Jackson County Schools System will be announced.

The eligible names will be taken from listeners who will have a chance to nominate a teacher.

“We are excited about this give-back project for area teachers,” said Bell. “Everyone associated with this project truly loves the Scottsboro and Jackson County communities and wants our teachers to succeed in leading and teaching our children.”

Each morning at 7:30 a.m., WWIC Radio will take a designated caller to go on the air and nominate a teacher for a chance to win cash for supplies. These names will be entered into a drawing with the two winners announced on the following Monday of each week.

Bell said local community-minded businesses have partnered with WWIC to provide funds that will be awarded to the weekly winning teachers. Brent Miller, with the Portrait Collection, is providing a webpage to also promote the project. A link to the webpage is at

“We wanted to come up with a way that provided an extra level of support to our local teachers,” said Miller. “Aside from having a sister in the school system, I have many great friends and respected teachers that are tasked with educating young minds in our community.”

Miller said he has seen first-hand what so many educators invest of their own time and resources to provide the best experience to their students.

“The generous support from our sponsors allows us to recognize teachers in our community, while rewarding them with resources to make a real difference,” added Miller.

To date, Bell said there is enough partner contributions to award 12 teachers with monies for supplies. Those partners are: High Country Toyota, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Kona Ice of Scottsboro, Unclaimed Baggage Center, Wenzel Metal Spinning, First Southern State Bank and Family Direct Insurance Group.

“We are thankful for the business partners that are participating with us and their generosity in helping provide supplies for our teachers,” said Bell.

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