Skyline High School is one of the best schools in the state of Alabama, according to the state’s third annual school report card. Skyline was one of two kindergarten through 12th grade schools to earn a 95 on the report card, the highest score for all K12 schools. 

Skyline Principal Jason Davidson credits the students, teacher, faculty, staff and the Skyline community for the school’s continued success.

“The school is the backbone of this community,” said Davidson. “The people here have so much pride for the school and are so supportive of everything the school does.”

Skyline’s mission is to be engaging, relevant and rigorous every day. Davidson said being engaging, relevant and rigorous every day is the reason why Skyline has maintained success. Over the last three years, Skyline has scored an 85, 90 and 95 in the school report card. It has improved every year because of the work of Davidson, his teachers and the students.

The school scored well in all five measurements for the school report card, and Davidson said the College and Career Readiness measure is one he takes pride in. He said Skyline is not looking to send 50% of its students to a four-year university, but it is offering dual enrollment classes for students who may want to attend Northeast Alabama Community College or for students who need some college credit to get his or her first job out of high school.

Skyline’s attendance has also increased over the last few years. In October 2017, 486 students attended the school. In October 2018, 520 students attended Skyline, and in October 2019, 561 students attended Skyline High School.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kevin Dukes is proud of the success Skyline has had recently.

“Skyline High School’s students, faculty, staff, parents and community are to be commended for their hard work and dedication,” said Dukes. “The school has flourished under Mr. Davidson’s leadership.”

Davidson said it is a big deal for the school to score so high on the report card that has the same measures for all schools in the state of Alabama. He said the school will continue to work hard to achieve more in the future.   

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