Woodville High School

These three outstanding Woodville High School eighth graders are already leaders in their school.  Michaela Jones, Anna Robertson, and Trinity Hughes are working as a team to produce a promotional video for Jackson County schools. They are excited to be given this opportunity and enthusiastic about the chance to visit the other schools in the county. 

A group of Woodville High School students is working diligently on a video to highlight all Jackson County schools. 

These three outstanding young ladies are highlighting the positive things happening in education today here in the Jackson County School system.

Trinity Hughes, Anna Robertson and Michaela Jones are the students charged with the task of making the video. 

They are excited about this opportunity and welcome the chance to visit other schools in the county.  During the process of producing the video, these students will visit all of the county schools.

When asked about these students, Woodville Principal Jamie Darwin replied, “They are without a doubt three of the best and brightest at Woodville High School.”

 “The girls have had to step outside of their comfort zone and venture out to county schools to interview principals, teachers, and staff.  In doing so, they are learning valuable lessons in interpersonal and communication skills which will help them now and down the road.”

 “Their willingness to take on this project makes me proud as their principal,” continued Darwin.  “I am excited to see the finished product.”

It is quite a ride from Woodville to some of the schools in the county especially North Sand Mountain and North Jackson.  This presents these girls with the chance to visit other schools and meet people they otherwise would probably never meet.  These three have accepted the challenge with a positive spirit and eagerness.

  Trinity, Anna and Michaela worked together last year to produce the Woodville News.  This multimedia project was on You Tube and teachers played it for their students.  All three girls said they learned a lot from that experience which started in one of their classes.

Their project last year gave the girls experience in producing a video as well as editing.  They are using this knowledge to work on their current project which is a much bigger undertaking.

This promotional video when completed will be presented to Superintendent Kevin Dukes.  The goal is to have it on the school website for people to view. 

This will help those moving into the area learn about all of the positive things that are going on in the Jackson County School System.

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