Getting people together to decorate cookies for Christmas is always a fun time.  This tradition starts with the adults inviting the children to decorate cookies.

 No amount of expertise is needed for everyone to enjoy decorating and then eating cookies.  Some third graders at Caldwell Elementary had the opportunity to decorate a sugar cookie during this last week before school is out for the holidays.

The students were first given some white icing to spread on their cookie.  Some of them had never done this before.  They were then presented with mini M&M’s and Elf on the Shelf cereal followed by a choice of sprinkles. 

Each child had the choice of using as many of these toppings as they desired.  Some of the cookies were piled high while some students choose to only add a couple of decorations. 

As they decorated their cookies, some licked the icing from their fingers and ate some of the toppings.  There were lots of laughs, and everyone enjoyed eating their cookie.  If you lined the cookies up, you would see that no two were alike.  That’s the joy of cookie decorating.

Cookie decorating has been around for many years.  Switzerland is credited with bringing the cookie decorating tradition to life. 

Their now famous springerle cookies were the first decorated cookies.  Cut out cookies can be traced back to Colonial times in America.

Cookies are often gifted, and most Christmas parties have at least one cookie tray.  Cookies are easily shared with guests.  Most cookies were round or square before cookie cutters came around, and you will still see many cookies in these shapes today.

Children delight in getting that plate of cookies ready to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  With those cookies and milk provided by many children, Santa will not be needing a smaller suit any time soon.

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