Robbie Copenhaver, chairman of the Jackson County Christmas Charities Board of Directors, said adoptions are currently underway throughout the county.

“We have around 500 families that need adopting,” said Copenhaver.

Copenhaver said applications are down this year, citing the coronavirus pandemic is a probable reason.

“I think people being able to collect unemployment, and also, because of COVID, people may not have wanted to get out.”

There are seven places to adopt a child throughout Jackson County:

• Bridgeport (Bridgeport Lions Club Building) – 256-663-0484 for more information.

• Dutton (Dutton Library) – 256-228-6392 or 256-228-4090 for more information.

• Flat Rock/Bryant/North Sand Mountain (Union Baptist Church) – 256-605-7995 for more information.

• Pisgah/Rosalie – 256-575-6056 for more information.

• Section/Macedonia (Section Town Hall) – 256-228-3280 for more information.

• Stevenson/Fackler – 256-437-2985 for more information.

• Scottsboro/Hollywood/Langston/Skyline/Woodville/Paint Rock/Paint Rock Valley (Jackson County DHR) – 256-575-6056 for more information.

Copenhaver said adoptions, so far, are going well.

“Right now, we are adopting at a fast pace,” said Copenhaver. “We have such a great county. It’s a good feeling to live in a county where people care about others.”

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