By DeWayne Patterson

If there was an event or happening somewhere in Jackson County, odds are Larry Glass would be there with camera and note pad in hand. Dealing with polio his entire life, Glass never slowed down, making sure The North Jackson Progress went out weekly for more than 42 years.

Glass passed away on April 2 at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice in Albertville. His death came a year and a half after his wife of 53 years, Faye, died.

In addition to his journalistic skills, Glass began preaching at the age of 17, which lead to him pastoring a church in Ohio in 1967. A couple of years later, he and Faye moved to West Virginia.

“I liked the newspaper there,” Glass said last year. “A guy had a column. I envied that.”

Glass was in the newspaper business by 1970, managing a paper in Stevenson called The North Jackson Community News.

He did that for six years before leaving over a difference of opinion. Shortly after, with support and prodding from community members, Glass started The North Jackson Progress with the first edition rolling off the press on Sept. 16, 1976.

Circuit Judge John Graham, a Stevenson native, said Glass did more to promote and sustain a sense of community in the North Jackson area than anyone in living memory.

“I didn’t always agree with Mr. Glass and the newspaper, but I sure wish we still had both,” said Graham. “The paper was Facebook before Zuckerberg was even a glint in his daddy’s eye. And Larry was always true and faithful to the things which were important to him. He provided community for us all.”

David Carroll, a North Sand Mountain High School graduate and media personality in Chattanooga, Tennessee, once said Glass made people in the northern end of the county feel very important from 1970 forward.

“He took the time to cover our new businesses, our ball games and our churches,” said Carroll. “We had never made it to any newspaper on a regular basis.”

The family newspaper came to an end shortly after Faye passed away in October 2018. Shortly after, Larry was stricken with illness.

A few months before Faye died, the city of Stevenson honored the Glass family by naming a city street, Faye and Larry Glass Drive.

Carroll credits Glass with starting his journalistic career. Carroll worked for Glass as a correspondent at the age of 13 and his column first appeared in The North Jackson Progress. Today, Carroll’s column appears in several newspapers across the state and in Georgia, including The Jackson County Sentinel.

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