Local business owner Patrick Woosley announced this week that he is running for the Scottsboro City School Board of Education Seat 4. Incumbent John Esslinger is not seeking reelection.

Woosley said his motivation for running for school board are his three daughters. He said he has a daughter going into eighth grade, one going into fourth grade and one going into first grade.

“I’ve always been an involved parent. I want what’s best for my kids the same as any parent would. I feel like I have a loud enough voice to push for what’s best for the students and teachers in Scottsboro,” said Woosley.

He feels like he would be the right person for the job. Woosley said people should vote for him because he does not have enemies and he is not running for the wrong reasons. He said he is not out to grind axes. He said he is out to do what is best for his children, other people’s children and the teachers in the Scottsboro City School System. Woosley said he thinks his intentions are pure.

Woosley was born and raised in Scottsboro. He said he has lived in the city all 38 years of his life. He is married to a Scottsboro girl, and they have three daughters in the Scottsboro School System. He is the owner of Patrick’s Meat Market, located on Parks Avenue in Scottsboro. He has been the owner for nearly five years.

“I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times,” said Woosley. “When you put a plan together and see it through, it is really gratifying and rewarding.”

He said nothing comes without hard work, and he is willing to work hard for Scottsboro Schools.

Woosley said that he is an open book. He wants people to feel free to ask him questions. He said if someone has a concern, he would be more than happy to listen and speak up on their behalf.

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