A group of “key members” to the White Development deal shoveling in some dirt at the site of a future Publix.

On Thursday morning, the city of Scottsboro held an event on the Northwest corner of Highway 72 and Highway 35 where a new shopping center featuring Publix will open in 2022. The project represents six years of work between White Development and the city of Scottsboro, spanning multiple mayors and city councils. Despite the long effort, today served as a celebration of that long process and the hard work put in to make it happen.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity not just for Scottsboro but for all of Jackson County and we couldn’t have done it without a total team effort. It took everybody that’s been engaged in this, everybody that’s here today to make this happen and we appreciate everybody’s participation,” McCamy said.

The shopping center, along with the Publix, is also planned to feature Pet Depot, Tidal Wave Car Wash. White Development is also in final negotiations with Bancorp South and TJ Maxx, though not officially signed yet. Also remaining are two restaurants that are still being shopped around.

“We’ve got three spaces in line, so we got Publix, Pet Depot, TJ Maxx if we sign and then three bays. It’ll probably be hair, nail and some sort of a restaurant possibly in those bays,” White Development owner Jim White said. “Then for the outparcels, we’ve signed with [Tidal Wave Car Wash], we’re in final negotiations with the Bancorp South, we have two offers on the remaining outparcel from national restaurant companies.”

According to a map laying out the center, the Publix will be 46,000 square feet, with Pet Depot having 9,500 square feet, the potential TJ Maxx having 20,000 square feet and the three bays combining for almost 4,000 square feet. The open side of the Publix will also have a drive-thru pharmacy window.

White said that the progress so far is on pace and the Publix should be open by September of next year.

 “We are very excited to join in this partnership with White Development for the Shops of Scottsboro. This is a win for all of Scottsboro and even Jackson County. I firmly believe this will be a transformational development for our community,” Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy said in a press release.

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