Dear Editor:

Often our local police officers do not get recognition for all the things they do.  We want to take this opportunity to thank Scottsboro Police Officer Ryan Manning for the way he handled a delicate situation.  This young officer delivered heart wrenching news to us back in November.

Officer Manning came to our house with the news that my son had been critically injured in a house explosion on Nantucket.  He took the time to call the Nantucket Police Department, so I could talk to the officer who had been at the scene.  He did this on his phone then handed me the phone.

This is the news that makes a parent’s heart stop.  I was in a complete state of shock and could barely concentrate. Officer Manning handled this with compassion.

While I was on the phone with the Nantucket police, Officer Manning told my husband that this was the first time he had had to deliver this kind of news.  To make the situation harder, Officer Manning had been one of my students.

Scottsboro is fortunate to have officers like Manning who take their job to heart. We want to publicly thank him for his professionalism and the caring manner in which he delivered this devastating news.

The situation has a happy ending, and my son is now back doing what he loves.


—Jim and Peggy Himburg


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Just Curious

Credit should be given where credit is due and so glad the bad news turned out with a happy ending.

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