Jackson County Christmas Charities adoption process is going well, according to Robbie Copenhaver, president of the non-profit organization.

“We are hoping to have the whole county adopted by Thanksgiving,” said Copenhaver.

This year, Christmas Charities is serving 729 people, which included 425 children, 178 eldery people and 126 disabled people. That number also includes 408 families.

Numbers are down over previous years, Copenhaver said.

“I think COVID played a part, where people are not coming out,” he said. “Also, a lot of families got stimulus money and didn’t think they qualified.”

Copenhaver said the screening process has also gotten better over the years.

In Scottsboro, he said 13 families remain unadopted, which includes 23 children and four disabled people.

“This year, we are giving $100 gift cards to senior citizens 60 years old and up and disabled people,” said Copenhaver. “That’s a $30,000 expense this year.”

Copenhaver said donations play a major role in allowing gift cards to be given out. He said senior citizens and disabled people struggle with being able to buy food.

Copenhaver said the Scottsboro City School System played a major role in helping senior citizens and the disabled with a supply drive, which included hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Boxes of supplies were given out. The high school also had a food drive.

“Jackson County and the city of Scottsboro had an amazing turnout for kids and seniors,” said Copenhaver. “They keep showing up every year to come out and help.”

Copenhaver said several churches, including The Well, First Baptist Church of Scottsboro, Broad Street Church of Christ, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and St. Jude Catholic Church, helped with adoptions, adopting over 120 families.

“So impressive,” said Copenhaver.

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