Care Assurance for the Aging and Homebound of Jackson County (CASA) will be closing its doors starting Feb. 1.

“It was with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors made this decision.  Of late, the demand has exceeded our resources.  Because of declining contributions, we can no longer afford to meet our overhead costs,” said CASA Board of Directors President Jan KInnison.

There is a sign on the front door that reads,” CASA of Jackson County Food Pantry will cease distribution effective January 31, 2020 or sooner if food supplies have been depleted before then. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. If you need information about other food pantries in the area, please ask at the front desk. Thank you for your understanding during this transition.”

CASA also supports a Social Security Administration program—the Payee Program.  Kinnison said due to overhead costs they can no longer support the program.  CASA will be providing information to their clients concerning alternative options.

“CASA was founded to help the aging, homebound, and disabled. Years ago, it became one of the first government-sponsored food pantries.  There were no others and there was a genuine need.  Now, thankfully, there are many food pantries.  We are happy to announce that the Scottsboro Salvation Army is willing to take over the food pantry.  They will announce when they are ready to take on this service to those in need in Jackson County,” said Kinnison.

Kinnison also said Jackson County’s demographics show a rapidly increasing aging population.  She said that may change but not in the near future, and the need is still there.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton is hopeful that an organization will pick up where CASA leaves.

“CASA has provided a great service to our community for many years, and I hope another organization will be able to step up and fill that need,” said Shelton.

Depending on funding, CASA hopes to be able to reopen and continue our mission of helping the aging, homebound, and disabled.  If anyone is  interested in helping, please contact Kathleen MacDonald at 256-259-3736.

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