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Michaela Roswal

Michaela Roswal

Woodville High School Senior

This week’s outstanding youth is at the top of her class academically and has plans to attend college next fall. Michaela Roswal is a senior at Woodville High School.

Michaela has maintained an All A average throughout high school.  She is a member of the Beta Club and has the highest class average.

  This young lady has received the President’s Education Award and Northeast Alabama Community College technical scholarships.

  Psychology is Michaela’s favorite school subject.  “I like exploring the human mind and how we think,” she adds.

  In addition to striving to keep up her grades, Michaela volunteers at A New Leash on Life. She works as a counselor at Camp ASCCA every summer and occasionally on the weekends.  Camp ASCCA is a camp for children and adults with disabilities.

 “I try to show kindness and compassion to every person I see,” she says. “Making others happy brings me joy.”

Michaela also works as a host at Mellow Mushroom. When this busy teen has free time, she enjoys reading, singing, shopping and hanging out with her friends. She makes friends easily and is definitely not shy.

This outstanding student’s advice to new high school students would be to be nice to every single person, no matter your differences.  “We are all here for the same reason, and you never know what someone is going through.”

When asked to describe her favorite thing about Woodville High School, she replied, “The teachers and students are very close which creates a safe learning environment.”

Michaela plans to continue her education after high school by finishing her college degree at the University of South Alabama. She plans to major in either communications or special education.

This dedicated student is the daughter of Kimberlee and Andrew Roswal and has a brother, Russell Roswal, and a sister, Bella Taylor. 

Her grandparents are Glenn and Peggy Roswal, Pam Inmon, and Ann Taylor. The family has four dogs named Oscar, Lulu, Molly, and Newman.

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