Carston Posey and Noah Davis will get to show off their skills in front of major league coaches at the Baseball Factory Pro Training in Tampa, Fla in August.

Carston Posey and Noah Davis are getting an opportunity to show their skills to some of the best coaches in the county and compete with their peers from across the country at Baseball Factory’s Pro Select Training at Pirate City in Tampa, Florida.

The event is invitation only. The staff at pro select training will work with Posey and Davis one on one with specific drills and teach philosophy that builds from the simple to the complex for each aspect of baseball, helping them get better.

Posey and Davis will receive four days of intense training with professional coaches. The event will include deliberate practice with directed feedback from our highly skilled instructors and advanced athletic development drills and testing assessments.

They will work with pro instructors on all aspects of their game as the coaches diagnose areas of improvement with corrective techniques in real time and together, create an action plan to fix their weaknesses and improve their strengths This event is a full baseball immersion-style program with a focus on personal and baseball development as a player.

Posey and Davis will receive corrective feedback from the staff in order to make adjustments to their game. The coaches will make individual recommendations based on observations they see during live game play. 

The two boys will engage in Baseball Factory seminars that focus on building character, making smart decisions with social media, being a good teammate, working hard in the classroom and more.

Baseball Factory’s highly-conservative approach to arm care and maintenance is the utmost importance. Baseball Factory is a fully compliant Pitch Smart Organization.

The coaches provide heightened expectations for players on and off the field – similar to what is expected in a college or professional development environment.

Posey and Davis will experience the life of a professional as they will play on the same fields, as well as eat and sleep in the same facilities as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

They were excited to train with some of the best players in their age group. 

“It’s an honor, to be honest,” said Posey. “I never thought this was something I would get to do.”

The boys were invited to the event after a tryout at Spain Park High School.

Posey and Davis both have goals of playing collegiate baseball in the SEC.

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