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Dr. Roger Mardis, pastor of Agape Baptist Church, welcomes Brad Johnson to the church staff.

Agape Baptist Church is proud to welcome their new music minister, Brad Johnson, and his family to the church family and the community.

Johnson grew up in Corinth, Mississippi, and has always had a love for worship through music.

“When I was young,” he said, “I loved to write songs and sing. Along the way, the Lord made me aware of the desire to serve Him in that capacity.”

He grew up singing and playing the guitar in church. After high school, Johnson attended the University of Mobile and earned a degree in religion with a concentration on worship leadership.

“College was a great experience,” he said. “I had several incredible theology classes with teachers that love the word of God and also had several worship leadership seminars where I learned from men who had led worship their whole lives.”

Some of them included Dr. Pete Sanchez, assistant professor of Church Music and Worship Leadership at the university, and Marty Nystrom, a songwriter with a degree in music education from Oral Roberts University.

“These men were extremely aware of God’s presence and how to lead people in worship,” he said.

Most of his experience in college involved traveling worship ministry and leading corporate worship for local student ministries.

“I love sacred music,” he said. “Music that teaches truth, speaks about God and His nature, and what He has done through Jesus Christ.

“I like hymns and choruses,” he continued. “My desire and what I’ll lead the congregation in is not just those, but also songs throughout the history of the church.”

Before coming to Agape, he led worship at the Lighthouse church in Tuscaloosa as the music pastor for two years and at Double Oak Community Church for six years as the student music minister.

“I really loved it there,” he said. “The Lord tethers your heart to people and I got to see a group of students from the sixth grade through graduation before I left.”

For Johnson, ministry is about connecting with people.

“I like picking out songs that I know will help teach people about God,” he said. “It’s not just about engaging in the moment, but about people being able to still hum a song on Tuesday or Wednesday that they heard on Sunday.”

Johnson, and his wife Sarah, married in 2008. Sarah is an elementary school teacher with over five years’ experience. Currently, she is taking a year off to be home with their two small children, 3-year-old son, Gray, and 3-month-old daughter, Maggie.

The family is looking forward to settling in Scottsboro.

“We are humongous Alabama football fans,” he said. “Playing with my son consists of throwing a football and tackling each other so we need a place with a big backyard.

“My wife and I want to put our roots down, reach out to the community and show God’s love,” he said. “We really like Scottsboro and are looking forward to getting settled.

“This Sunday, June 7, will be my first as Agape’s music minister,” he said. “It is extremely humbling and exciting. My desire is to pick out songs that open up people’s eyes to the beauty of God’s love for them and sing them together.”

“We are truly blessed to have Brad and his family,” said Agape’s pastor, Dr. Roger Mardis. “We hope everyone will join us this Sunday for a wonderful time of worship.”

Agape Baptist Church is located at 78 Dick Hayes Road in Scottsboro.

Sunday worship service begins at 10:15 a.m.

For more information, contact the church office Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at: 256-574-5992.

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