Alabama’s third annual school report card grades are out for the 2018-2019 school year, and eleven Jackson County schools improved on their scores from last year. No schools from the Jackson County or Scottsboro City school districts received grades of D or F.

Skyline High School and North Sand Mountain School were the only Jackson County schools to make an A on the report card, scoring a 95 and 90, respectively. Woodville High School was the most improved, raising its score from a 77 to an 88.

North Jackson High School and Stevenson Middle School were the only two schools in the county to make C’s. North Jackson made a 78, while Stevenson Middle scored a 77.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kevin Dukes he was excited for the schools in the county and that it is always positive to see schools perform well. He also commended Skyline principal Jason Davidson for the school’s “amazing score.” Dukes said Skyline’s 95 would be “hard to top.”

“We take pride in the fact that our schools are doing well,” said Dukes. “There is still plenty of room for improvement, but these scores show progress.”

Two of the five schools in the Scottsboro City school district improved on its scores from last year.

Caldwell Elementary School jumped from an 87 to a 93, and Scottsboro Junior High School improved from an 85 to an 86. Collins Intermediate School remained at an 89. Nelson Elementary School fell from a 95 to a 92.

Scottsboro City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes said he excited about the district’s improvement over the last three years. Only 26 school systems in the state received an A, and the Scottsboro school system is right on the cusp of reaching that goal.

Reyes praised his administrators, students and parents for buying in and helping the schools improve over the last three years.

The school districts are graded as well. The Jackson County school district earned a score of 84, increasing by two points from last year. Jackson County schools have a 91.73% graduation rate.

The Scottsboro City school district earned a score of 89, improving on its score of 86 from last year’s report card. Scottsboro City Schools have an 89% graduation rate.

Six different measures are used and weighted to calculate the district grades and the schools with a 12th grade. Graduation rate counts for 30% of the grade. Academic growth counts for 25%. Academic achievement counts for 20%. College and Career Readiness and Chronic Absenteeism both account for 10% of the grade.

Progress in English Language Proficiency counts for 5% of the grade. Schools without a 12th grade won't have graduation or college and career readiness rates, so academic achievement and growth are weighted equally at 40%, and the absenteeism measure grows to 15% of the total score.

The Alabama State Report Card is available at

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