Mark Guffey

Mark Guffey

Mark Guffey has announced he is seeking the District seat on the Jackson County Commission. Guffey has qualified for the Republican Primary to be held on March 3.

Guffey said he is a lifelong and multigenerational resident of Jackson County and has three children and four grandchildren that live in and are products of the county.

“My passion is to improve the county in all aspects while protecting the educational sector,” said Guffey. “I have a passion for not only improving our county for my grandchildren but every resident of the county.”

Guffey said, if he’s elected, he will work to help secure those needs, such as improving the infrastructure and roads.

“We need to help maintain and adequately fund our municipalities to ensure the safety and protection of all residents,” said Guffey. “It is vital to maintain adequate funding for our folks maintaining law and order as well as fire departments and ambulance service.”

Guffey said the biggest area of need is decent jobs in Jackson County.

“We have all the natural resources needed in our county to attract industry,” he said. “I will work hard with other agencies to bring in those industries to our area. We have too many young folks leaving the county in order to better their lives. We need to do a better job of making sure we have what is needed in the county to keep them here.”

Guffey said his experience in education has helped him prepare to be a county commissioner. Guffey has served as an elementary teacher at Dutton Junior High School, where he coached basketball for many years. He has also served as principal at Bryant Junior High School, North Sand Mountain High School and Pisgah High School.

“During those times, each school improved and excelled,” said Guffey. “This was a direct result of great people working together to accomplish more. When you have all entities working as one, you can accomplish so much more, and I understand that concept.”

Guffey said he has been selected as Principal of the Year in Alabama.

“This was based on thinking outside the box to provide opportunities to our students that had not previously been available,” said Guffey. “I think I can bring the same to the table as a member of the county commission. I think I can relate to all people in the county.”

Guffey said he has worked hard all of his life.

“I have hauled hay, worked in potato sheds, worked at Andover Togs, owned poultry houses and cattle as well as a career in education,” said Guffey. “I understand hard work, and I am not afraid of it. I have coached many sports over the years and served as local recreational league president and Jackson County Recreational League president. I have also served on the IMPACT Board in the county.”

Guffey currently serves as an assistant superintendent and federal program director for the Jackson County School System.

“I understand federal funding and the obstacles to it,” he said. “I currently represent Jackson, DeKalb, Marshall and Madison counties, as well as the city systems in those counties, as the federal programs region representative. I have either written or helped in obtaining grants and funding in areas such as pre-K, after school programs and resource officers for the schools.”

Guffey said he is not a politician, but just an average person who is passionate about improving all areas of Jackson County.

“I do not have large business owners or politicians pulling my strings or controlling me,” said Guffey. “Your vote on March 3 would be greatly appreciated.”

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