Mike and Sandra Crawford, with their daughter Amanda Yankey, are photographed after Sandra was surprised with a parade sponsored by Pink Heals. Sandra is currently undergoing chemo treatments for stage 3 breast cancer.

Sandra Crawford, of Dutton, was totally surprised when two big pink fire trucks representing “Pink Heals” led a parade past her house.  Her husband Mike Crawford and daughter Amanda Yankey arranged for her to be on the front porch for the event.  Sandra is currently undergoing chemo treatments for stage 3 breast cancer.

Few people in our immediate area are familiar with Pink Heals which is a cancer support organization.  Pink Heals was founded in Arizona several years ago.  Numerous chapters have since spread across the country.  Until recently, the nearest chapter to our immediate area was located in Gadsden. 

Kevin Wilks and his daughter Kala Wilks are currently organizing a chapter in Henagar. They are both members of the Gadsden Chapter where Kala has served as vice president for four years.  They recently purchased a used fire engine from the Sylvania Fire Department which they named Karen.  It was named in honor of Kevin’s wife Karen who is a cancer survivor.

Kevin Wilks, a lifelong resident of Henagar, is pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Rainsville. He is also part owner of Hudson Construction Company. 

In addition to the parade, Pink Heals was on hand at the Henagar Library on Thursday, July 15.  They presented a program for the kids enrolled in the Summer Reading Program.  Thanks to Henagar Librarian, Jordon Palmer, Henagar firefighters Hunter Brown and Austin Parrish and Pink Heals for an outstanding program. 

Those on hand for the presentation were: Isiah Palmer, Rivers Palmer, Dawson Creel, Spencer Creel, Ryker Creel, John Davis, Sadie Davis, Kaitlyn Kittrell, Sara Beth Martin, Molly Martin, Elliot Martin, Cannon Ranier and Trooper Ranier.

The Gadsden Chapter has done fire and cancer training programs for schools, libraries, hospitals, and cancer centers.  Those services will now be available in the Henagar area.  If you have need of their services or would like to be a part of their organization, they can be reached at 256.717.4971.

You can follow them on Facebook at Pink Heals Upper Alabama Chapter.

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