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Annabelle Parrish has been a busy young lady these last few months.  One of her favorite projects has been her Little Free Library. With the help of her dad and some power tools, she built and painted this little library then added books.  She is grateful for all the support she has received from the community, and her library is overflowing with books. Anyone may stop by the library at 1208 Byron Road, in Scottsboro, to take a book or leave books for others. She loves seeing people of all ages stopping by her library.

One Scottsboro teenager has used time during the quarantine to do something productive for her community. 

Annabelle Parrish and her dad build a Little Free Library and put in up in her neighborhood at 1208 Byron Road.

The idea for this library came when Parrish fell in love with reading.  She didn’t have much to do, so she followed the example of her mother who loves to read and picked up a book. 

“I just fell in love with everything about reading, the vivid imagery, the feel of a book, the way the words allowed me to think like a writer,” she explained.

Although the library hasn’t been up very long, it is overflowing with books.  “The positive response to my Little Free Library shows I can always count on my community,” said Annabelle. 

“I love helping others in any way I can,” said Parrish.  “I especially love helping those who aren’t as fortunate as I am. “My Little Free Library gives an opportunity for children, teenagers, and adults of all backgrounds and all incomes to own a nice book.”

“The feeling I get when I look out my window and see someone at my library is like no other!” she exclaimed.  “I am so happy that God blessed me with this idea and the resources to make it happen.  It warms my heart knowing that He is using me to change the lives of others.”

Anyone may stop by the library and take a book. If you have books to donate, please bring those and place them in the library to share with others. Books for all ages are needed to keep the library going.

  This is not Parrish’s only project. Last year she was  approached by Kristin Suter, Scottsboro High School media specialist, about helping with the school’s media club, SCT-TV. 

Since she is always willing to learn something new, she agreed.  She soon found herself in a spiral of filming and editing videos for everything including sports, clubs, and different classes. 

“I absolutely feel in love with the art of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours and creating something that someone will be proud of,” said Parrish. 

 “It wasn’t until my senior year that I found my artistic voice,” she explains. The videos she has made this year especially for football and basketball have pushed her past the limit of what she thought she could do.  “Every video I make, I learn so much about myself and what I am capable of.”

Parrish doesn’t do the videos for recognition or to become famous.  She said that the love and appreciation she has received from her school and community has been overwhelming.  Her most recent video has over 11,000 views on Facebook.

=“Words cannot explain how grateful I am that Scottsboro High School has blessed me with so many wonderful opportunities to fuel my passion,” said Parrish.  “I will always be so thankful for the coaches, players, teachers, and administrators who work with me and show me kindness and appreciation despite their busy schedules. I hope every student will one day find something they love as much as I love filming and editing,  I cannot wait to see where it takes me.”

Parrish is involved in many activities at Scottsboro High School.  She is an honor student and member of the National Honor Society. She is the daughter of Doug and Stephanie Parrish.

In addition to her busy school activities and keeping up with her little library, this young lady has been working as a freelance writer for The Jackson Monthly, the magazine published by The Jackson County Sentinel. She said she was so happy to get this job.

 “Writing for the magazine for the past eight months has opened my eyes to the small treasures and wonderful people living in my community,” she said.  “Living in a small town, I sometimes feel as if I already know everything about everywhere and everyone.  This job has shown me I still have so many places to go and so many people to meet!  I am blessed to have such a professional job at such a young age. It has been a wonderful, thought-provoking experience.”

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