CASA of Jackson County will be hosting their bi-annual yard sale at the Jackson county Fairgrounds. The sale will start Nov. 1 and continue until Nov. 12. The yard sale will start at 7 a.m. each day. Shoppers can expect to see clothes, shoes, coats, toys, household goods and linens, small furniture items such as chairs and drawers, and Christmas décor.

“There will be a lot of variety in the items we have,” said Assistant Director Alexia Ellison. All of the proceeds from the yard sale will benefit CASA. CASA has programs to help people acquire medicine, food, gasoline for doctor visits outside of the county and medical supplies that are not covered by Medicare as well as many other goods and services. “We help with almost everything,” said Ellison.

Most clothing items will be priced at $1 to $3. Everything at the yard sale will be “very inexpensive,” said Ellison.

Even though the yard sale is a fundraiser, CASA prices their items as cheaply as possible so that those who cannot afford to buy clothes, shoes, coats and other necessary items at full retail price can afford to purchase goods at the fundraiser. CASA is also offering free vouchers for those who cannot to pay the sale price at their downtown location. New items will be added to the catalog daily.

CASA is sponsoring a promotion where people can bring a can of food for their food pantry and trade it in exchange for one item of clothing on the dollar rack. “This is a good way for people who want to donate to the food pantry,” said Ellison. The CASA fall yard sale will have many items available for purchase at an affordable price.

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