Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton delivered his annual State of the City address on Tuesday morning at the Page Administration Building auditorium.

Shelton spoke about several things the City of Scottsboro accomplished in 2019, along with a look into 2020 and some of the plans for the city. He covered the number of grants the city received in 2019. He said the City of Scottsboro received $5 million in grants in the last 18 months.

He spoke about the growth Scottsboro has seen over the last year. The city council budgeted $22 million for the 2020 fiscal year. That was an increase of $600,000 from last year. The city received $1.256 million in sales tax above budget in 2019, which is an increase of $381,000 from the previous years.

There were 190 housing units sold in Scottsboro in 2019, the highest number in 10 years. The total amount of houses sold equaled $42.4 million, an increase of $4.4 million from 2018. The list price for homes in the city has increased as well.

Three local industries undertook four projects in 2019 where they invested $37.1 million in land and building equipment. Those businesses added 133 new jobs in the city.

The city of Scottsboro also completed a number of projects in 2019. It put in a second storm shelter next to the Ben Sanford Boys and Girls Club on North Houston Street. It put a down payment on a third storm shelter, and it earmarked $50,000 for the third shelter.

The engineering plans for the County Park Road and Highway 72 safety project have been completed and sent to ALDOT. Shelton said this project will bring a great deal of growth to the city. High Country Toyota is building a new dealership in the area. He said there are seven potential new businesses that could go up in that area in the next two or three years.

“That would be a tremendous shot in the arm for our community,” said Shelton.

He said the Goose Pond Colony boat ramp project is wrapping up. He said that project has been hugely successful. There are 31 fishing tournaments scheduled for 2020 with about 2,300 boats.

Shelton said Fire Station 3 will get some improvements in 2020. The municipal airport will also have some improvements this year. The city purchased a great deal of equipment and vehicles for the Street and Sanitation Departments in 2019 to help them better serve the community.

Shelton also spoke about street paving. He said the city has purchase orders in for David Avenue, Bruce Drive, Dean Street, Forrest Avenue and Brown Street. The city received a $73,000 grant for guardrails on Snodgrass Road.

Shelton also spoke about the struggles with the recycling program and how the city is working on improvements to the program. It is building a new facility to sort and store recycling. Shelton said the city is investing in the Sanitation Department.

Shelton also highlighted the things Scottsboro Water, Sewer, Gas and the Scottsboro Electric Power Board do for the city. He said sometimes those two organizations do not always get the credit they deserve.

At the end of his address, Shelton announced he would be running for re-election in 2020.

“It’s been an exciting three and a half years, and I hope for four more,” said Shelton.

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