The Scottsboro varsity girls and boys track and field teams started the outdoor season on a solid note.

Scottsboro finished fourth in the boys division and fifth in the girls division during the King of the Hill Invitational at Vestavia Hills on Saturday.

“Overall, I was very pleased with our season opener,” said Scottsboro coach Luke Robinson. “I thought everyone competed and performed well. Our training is very hard right now, so for our athletes to achieve the marks that they did is very encouraging. I think we are on the right track.” 

Class 7A Hoover swept the team titles. Hoover finished with 187 points in the girls team standings while Thompson (100), Vestavia Hills (93), Helena (55) and Scottsboro (40) rounded out the top five. In the boys team standings, Hoover closed with 138 points while Vestavia Hills (99) was second, Oak Mountain (88.50) third and Scottsboro (80) fourth.

Scottsboro won two events in the varsity boys division.

Scottsboro’s 4x800-meter boys relay team of Benson Atkins, Cooper Atkins, Rex Green and Hayden Judge, fresh off their state championship win in the event at the state indoor meet last month, won their outdoor debut with a new school-record time and a new meet-record time of 8:00.63, 23 seconds faster than runner-up Vestavia Hills.

“I’m very proud of the boys,” Robinson said. “Their goal was to break  eight minutes, and they almost did it. They are a very competitive group. Whenever I spoke to those boys at the end of the race, they were already analyzing their race to see how they could've been better. They knew they had a couple of handoffs that could've been a little better, and they also said they should've worked harder to not get boxed in early. I'm probably more proud of that moment than I am of the time they ran.  

“Having coachable athletes that are always looking for ways to get better makes my job much easier. They are constantly striving to be better than they were yesterday. Our next big 4x8 relay will be at the Florida State University Relays on March 28. Our goal is to run 7:50, which they are very capable of doing.”

Those four runners also dominated the 1600-meter run. Judge won the 1600 with a time of 4:29.09 while Cooper Atkins finished third (4:33.63), Green was fourth (4:36.18) and Benson Atkins was fifth (4:39.83).

Here are the results for all Scottsboro athletes:



200-meter dash

25. Caroline Sanders (28.26)

30. Charlsi Henderson (28.74)


400-meter dash

16. Lauren Paradise (1:04.38)

17. Isabelle Flores (1:04.71)

21. Emma Hancock (1:05.37)

32. Charlsi Henderson (1:08.97)

33. Anna Carlson (1:09.77)

39. Emily Littles (1:11.76)


800-meter run

13. Cambree Bradford (2:43.36)

26. Olyvia Stone (2:54.61)

29. Sadie Latham (2:57.11)


1600-meter run

18. McCall Chandler (6:18.17)

21. Olyvia Stone (6:23.69)


3200-meter run

4. Ally Campbell (12:21.55)

9. Maddie Gossett (13:44.56) 


300-meter hurdles

16. Anna Carlson (56.59)

20. Emily Littles (57.59)


4x400-meter relay

7. Scottsboro ‘A’: Lauren Paradise, Isabelle Flores, Charlsi Henderson and Anna Carlson (4:30.58)

10. Scottsboro ‘B’: Emma Hancock, Emily Littles, Cambree Bradford and Caroline Sanders (4:49.10)


4x800-meter relay

2. Scottsboro ‘A’: Lauren Paradise, Isabelle Flores, Anna Carlson and Ally Campbell (10:45.16)

4. Scottsboro ‘B’: Cambree Bradford, McCall Chandler, Maddie Gossett and Sadie Latham (11:22.48)


High jump

4. Alyssa Bell (4-10)

6. Caroline Sanders (4-08)

10. Emily Littles (4-04)


Long jump

11. Caroline Sanders (14-07.75)

17. Emma Hancock (13-08.50)


Triple jump

13. Emma Hancock (27-06.50)


Pole vault

3. Makayla Keel (9-06)


Shot put

6. Emily Fortson (28-10.50)

8. Amy Roberts (27-11.00)

14. Maggie Whitaker (23-10.50)


Javelin throw

5. Makenzie Potter (82-07)

7. Collins Bradford (76-06)

11. Brenly Sanders (73-00)


Discus throw

10. Baylie Stephenson (71-06)

12. Amy Roberts (68-06)

16. Tristan Wallingsford (63-10)



200-meter dash

28. Dominick Blair (24.21)

30. Alex Cantrell (24.43)

31. Kaylem Dupree (24.50)

42. Rylee Whitehead (25.82)


400-meter dash

29. Ridge Wells (54.94)

30. Brandon Cloud (54.94)

35. Kaylem Dupree (55.72)

39. Brody Williams (55.87)

47. Rylee Whitehead (57.49)


1600-meter run

1. Hayden Judge (4:29.09)

3. Cooper Atkins (4:33.63)

4. Rex Green (4:36.18)

5. Benson Atkins (4:39.83)

57. Skylar Reichle (5:37.73)

63. Kristen Kilgore (5:59.69)


3200-meter run

5. Evan Hill (9:49.11)

6. Zach Avenel (9:54.69)

13. Ben Gossett (10:23.44)

20. Brady Thomas (10:56.67)


4x100-meter relay

6. Scottsboro: Dominick Blair, Cam Bass, Rylee Whitehead and Alex Cantrell (46.25)


4x400-meter relay

7. Scottsboro: Kaylem Dupree, Brandon Cloud, Ridge Wells and Brody Williams (3:45.89)


4x800-meter relay

1. Scottsboro ‘A’: Benson Atkins, Cooper Atkins, Rex Green and Hayden Judge (8:00.63)

4. Scottsboro ‘B’: Zach Avenel, Ben Gossett, Evan Hill and Brady Thomas (8:43.22)


Long jump

3. Butler Bell (19-01.50)

6. Dominick Blair (18-11.00)

8. Alex Cantrell (18-06.50)

15. Cam Bass (17-05.00)


Triple jump

6. Alex Cantrell (41-10.75)

8. Butler Bell (38-11.00)


Pole vault

2. Maddox Hamm (14-00)


Shot put

2. Nathan Jones (42-11.50)

5. Cam Bass (39-10.25)

13. Todd Wilson (37-03.25)


Javelin throw

10. Nathan Jones (112-03)

11. Ben Kirby (110-08)

26. Zach Wallingsford (60-00)


Discus throw

9. Brady Shaw Killen (99-05)

17. Jonah Warren (85-07)

19. Cam Bass (83-11)

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