Governor Kay Ivey’s declaration of a state emergency and mandated statewide public schools closure in Alabama in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns will sideline spring sports until to April 6, if not longer.

The AHSAA announced it will reevaluate the situation near the end of the announced closure time frame.

Coaches say the uncertainty has been tough on their athletes, especially seniors who are questioning whether or not they have already played their final game or competed in their final events.

Scottsboro track and field coach Luke Robinson, whose teams this season are chasing triple crowns— winning state championships in cross country, indoor track and field and outdoor track and field — said his athletes are remaining positive and will prepare individually for the season to resume at some point.

“They’re champions, so I know they’re going to handle it the right way,” Robinson said. “I don’t doubt the kids will do the work on their own they need to safely stay in shape. Our goals won’t change. We’re still working toward bringing home two blue maps (state championship trophies) from state. I just hope that we don’t make a decision (on the rest of the season) too early. I understand what we’re doing. I think it’s smart. It’s makes sense. We’re in unchartered territory, but I just hope we can wait and see how it goes.”

North Jackson baseball coach Cole Porter said his players remain hopeful their season will resume.

“They’re upset,” Porter said. “They hear it, that the season is suspended, the season’s going to be canceled. It’s hard for the seniors. I hope they bring us back, but you just don’t know at this point. The circumstances with the virus, it’s just been a struggle,”

Pisgah softball coach Billy Duncan, whose team is the defending Class 3A state champion, urged his team to stay prepared for the season.

“It is tough,” Duncan said. “They’re wondering if that’s their last game. The seniors are uptight about it. Nobody wants their career or season to end like this. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen. All we can do is prepare for April 6 and see where we are then. They’ve got to work on their own to be prepared. That’s something they can control.” 

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