Cameron Knight

Cameron Knight

Most students receive their high school diploma before completing a college degree.  However, for Skyline High School senior Cameron Knight that will not be the case. 

He will graduate from Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) on May 16, and his high school graduation is May 21.

Knight is excited to earn his associate degree in welding technology from NACC.  He does not really see the impact of this because he has been working toward this with his dual enrollment classes since the 10th grade.  He said that he has not really thought about it that much.

Most of the classes Knight has taken have either been online or at his school.  He did say that he went to the NACC campus for a few classes such as theatre and math. 

Knight is also earning this degree without accumulating any college debt.  He has earned scholarships through the dual enrollment program. 

He was awarded the Timothy Mullican Memorial Scholarship which paid for a couple of his classes.  Knight also received help from his parents for a few classes.

Since his sophomore year, Knight has attended EPCOT (Earnest Pruett Center of Technology) for several semesters.  There he studied welding after winning at a competition that got him into the class.  The welding class is highly sought after by students, and not everyone who applies gets in on the first try.  After the first class, Knight was hooked on welding.  He is OSHA 10 and NCCER certified.

Knight said that he has always wanted to have a job traveling and believes his welding experience is going to be the answer to that.  He is currently looking for such a job.

During this last semester of high school, Knight has been a co-op student with the Scottsboro Water, Gas, and Sewer Department.  He has worked on the gas side and has enjoyed this experience.

After his graduations from NACC and Skyline High School, Knight’s parents are taking him on a senior trip to visit some places in the western states.  He hopes to see the Grand Canyon and visit Yellowstone National Park.

Knight’s parents are Walter and April Knight. He has two brothers, Conner and Gavin. His grandparents are Donald and Rita Thomas and Clinton and Carol Knight.

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