Rob Chaney, a Jackson County native, has resigned his position as director of athletics at Tallahassee Community College to take advantage of a new opportunity.  He has been named the associate director with the Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA).  October 1 was his first official day on the job in this position.

 “This was always a position I’d hope would be in the full-time capacity,” said Chaney.  “I enjoy the compliance and administrative side of things.  This is a great professional opportunity.”

For the past 24 years, Chaney has worked with Tallahassee Community College serving as the director of athletics for the last 13.  Chaney said he will miss seeing athletes compete and succeed.  He added, “That’s the most rewarding part.  That’s the hardest thing to walk away from at TCC.”

Chaney will take on new challenges as he begins his new job.  He will be overseeing member colleges compliance with FCSAA and NJCAA regulations, managing violation investigations and recommending sanctions, suspensions, and penalties, and checking Ethics and Code of Conduct for behavior rules and ejections.  He will be involved in state tournament management and develop a sponsorship program for the state championship tournaments.  Chaney will be the NJCAA Board of Regents representative for NJCAA Region 8.

During his time with TCC, Chaney built a reputation for his dedication, integrity, and passion for young people.  His success was not limited to athletics.  During his tenure as athletic director, team GPAs reached an all-time high with 73 student-athletes and 21 teams earning academic honors from the NJCAA. 

FCSAA Executive Director Kelly Warren said, “With the addition of Rob Chaney to the FCSAA staff, we are expanding the Association staff structure to allow us to address the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past ten years, particularly in the athletics division.  I’m excited about the future of FCSAA with Rob Chaney joining our team.”

TCC Baseball Coach Mike McLeod is happy for his friend, but he will miss seeing him on campus. “I love him like a brother, and I’m going to miss him terribly.”

TCC alum and former track/cross country star Mia Wiederkehr views Chaney as a trustworthy leader who commits himself to enriching the lives of student-athletes. “Rob Chaney was the best athletic director TCC could have had,” she added.

Chaney is excited about this new position. He is happy that he and his family will be able to stay in Tallahassee.

Chaney is a graduate of Section High School and Auburn University.  His parents, Robert and Billie Chaney, still reside in Section.

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