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Rob Paradise is the new principal at Scottsboro High School, replacing Brad Dudley who left last December to take a new job. Paradise has previously served as principal at North Jackson High School.

North Jackson High School Principal Rob Paradise will be changing jobs very soon.

Paradise was hired Thursday evening as the new principal at Scottsboro High School. The Scottsboro City Board of Education approved Paradise’s hire.

“We are very excited to have him come onboard,” said Scottsboro Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes. “Rob has several years of administrative experience.”

Paradise has spent his career, more than 20 years, in the Jackson County School System. A graduate of Skyline High School, Paradise served as assistant principal at his alma mater before spending two years at Stevenson Middle School as principal.

He has served as principal at North Jackson the last two years.

“I am excited and humbled for the opportunity to be the principal at Scottsboro High School,” said Paradise. “I look forward to meeting the teachers I have worked with before and new teachers I do not know.”

Paradise said he plans to spend the next eight weeks learning all he can about his new school.

“Every school has a culture, and you can’t know that without being here,” said Paradise. “I plan to spend time with the teachers and students in their classrooms and activities to learn the culture.”

Reyes said Paradise would start on April 1.

“It was important for him to finish up this year,” said Reyes. “It’s a chance to get his feet wet and a head start going into the next school year.”

Paradise said he is thankful to Reyes and the city school board for their vote of confidence.

“I am also thankful for Jackson County Superintendent Kevin Dukes and the county school board for the time and effort they put in to prepare me for this job,” added Paradise.

Reyes said he received 26 applications for the job.

“There were a number of administrators that reached out,” said Reyes.

He said Paradise was the right choice.

“We are very impressed with Rob,” he said. “He is very knowledgeable in academics, and he also knows the importance of the arts and athletics of a school. He’s an excellent communicator. We received great feedback from people he has worked with and for him.”

Peggy M. Himburg contributed to this story.

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