Cade Holder

Cade Holder

Cade Holder

Scottsboro High School Senior

A young man who enjoys helping others and is active in his church and at school is this week’s outstanding youth. Cade Holder is a senior at Scottsboro High School.

This top student has maintained an All A average throughout high school and has been recognized at each semester’s STAR (Student and Teachers for Academic Recognition) Program with a gold card.

Cade is a member of the varsity football team. He was chosen to represent his team in the 2021 Media Days interviews and was voted by teammates to be on the leadership council in his freshmen, sophomore, and junior years.

Cade received the perfect attendance award (football) in grades 10-12 and earned the third highest GPA (grade point average) football award as a sophomore and junior. He was named to the All-Region First Team 6A as a junior.

This busy teen is a member of the Junior Civitans, FFA (Future Farmers of America) and Top Cats.  He won first place in the FFA Tractor Driving Contest Jackson County and third place in Tractor Driving in state competition.

Cade is also a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. He earned the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence. 

Math is Cade’s favorite school subject. 

“I enjoy successfully answering challenging problems,” he adds.

Future plans for this outstanding young man include attending college at Mississippi State University.  He plans to major in pre-veterinary medicine to become a veterinarian.

Cade is active at First Baptist Church.  He plays guitar in the praise band most Sundays.  He is also very active in the church youth group.

In addition to his school activities and studies plus his church work, Cade also works on the family farm.  He works cattle, works on farm equipment, and plants, picks, and hauls beans and corn. 

Cade teaches guitar lessons and tutors a sixth grade student in pre-algebra.  He also creates and sells personalized horseshoe signs.

When this very busy teen has free time, he enjoys hunting and playing football.  He does mechanic work on farm equipment and farms.  Among his many talents are playing the guitar, welding horseshoe designs and signs, and riding horses to sort cattle.

This caring young man enjoys helping others.  He gives foreign exchange students and underclassmen a ride to and from practices and school activities.

 “I enjoy being involved in my youth group and praise team at church and getting to work with Tracy Gray and Christian Henry,” says Cade.  “Just tonight (Sunday) we helped pack bags for Nourish One Child for kids who need food.”

 “When someone asks me to help them with anything, I always try to help if I can.  I especially enjoy helping elderly people and doing things to make their days better such as mowing yards and pressure washing for them.”

 “I enjoy school because I have had the best teachers who always are willing to do extra to make sure we understand the work, and they also show they care about us,” says Cade.

This special young man is the son of Chrissy and Kevin Holder and has one sister, Macy.  His grandparents are Jean and Wesley Hardman, Dianne and Jim Stephens, Porky Holder, and Joey and Pat Baker.

Cade and his family have two toy Aussies named Dixie and Daisy. They also have horses.

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